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The People

There are many people that have and continue to contribute to the success of AIAB. AIAB is attracting amazing talent that share in the AIAB vision to create Social Inclusion. The result allows AIAB to engage participants with a state-of-the-art programs that maximize results and return on investment (ROI).




Michael Siegel is a parent, husband, student, businessman, and advocate in the autism and disability community. Inspired by a life changing Social Inclusion experience, he has dedicated his path to making a difference through solutions that help people with autism and disabilities feel included in mainstream society. As a result, Michael founded Awareness in a Box® to make his vision become a reality. Michael has a master’s degree psychology in the MFT program at Pepperdine University and is currently a practicing intern in psychotherapy. Michael’s son Scott, who has autism spectrum disorder (ASD), is the lead singer and keyboard player of Arrest My Sister, a successful rock band that has performed throughout the country, including a performance at Carnegie Hall. Michael and his wife of 35 years, Leeni, also have a daughter, Traci, a graduate of the masters program at Pepperdine University in education and an elementary school teacher. Traci’s son, Jack Sullivan was born on Christmas Day 2013. Michael is thrilled to be a grandfather.

Michael consults with national organizations on topics including: Process reengineering for inclusion, diversity training based on a philosophical positioning of social construction and postmodern theories, scenario based experiential learning and outreach opportunities.




Son, brother, fiancé, and successful musician, Scott Siegel and his band, Arrest My Sister, have performed internationally at such venues as Carnegie Hall, South by Southwest, county fairs, colleges, and not for profits. Scott was diagnosed with autism at thirteen years old and knows first hand what it is like to navigate in the world with autism. Scott, along with his father, Michael, and sister, Traci, is the Founders of Awareness in a Box®. Scott and his fiancé, Jenny, are Awareness in a Box® trainers and bust through some of the myths that are attached to people with autism.




Traci is the daughter of Michael and Leeni Siegel. Traci is also a wife, reader, art history enthusiast, sister, teacher, and a mother. Traci received her bachelor’s degree in psychology from Pace University in New York City. She received her master’s degree in education from Pepperdine University. Traci has also attended two readers and writers workshops at Columbia University in New York City and cleared her teaching credential at UCLA. She has been teaching for seven years in the public and private school systems in the Los Angeles area. Traci is married to Thomas Sullivan and is Jack Sullivan’s mother! Traci is the architect for the AIAB After School Creative Social Curriculum.





Phillip Tanzilo has a passion and success record for transforming leaders and organizations. He is an award winning speaker, author, trainer and executive coach. He has developed instructional curriculum and spoken to over 1500 audiences, including Fortune 100/500 companies and international associations. His strong acumen and innovative approaches come from his breadth of knowledge and experience across multiple industries — automotive, healthcare, medical technology, telecommunications, computer technology, banking, insurance, call center, oil and gas, military, government, entertainment, hospitality, retail, and nonprofit.

He partners with individuals and companies to support a deliberate transformation to a culture of highly engaged leadership teams and employees — consistently raising the bar on quality, yielding higher productivity, higher employee retention and sustainable profitability. His cutting-edge approaches have been awarded the Workplace Excellence Award by the Society of Human Resources Managers (SHRM); and, he is listed in “Who’s Who in Business.” In 2013, Phillip’s case study on transformational approaches and use of competency modeling was published as an industry standard in the “Competency Study: The Training and Development Profession Redefined.”





Founder and principal consultant of Edstrom Educational Consulting, has over a decade of experience with educational best practices garnered from work with individual classrooms, state accountability programs, and national shelf products. Through her leadership, EEC has grown a large client base that includes notable educational publishing divisions, including Houghton Mifflin Harcourt and CTB/McGraw-Hill. In her role as principal consultant, she has acted as an advisor in the best practices of curriculum and assessment, as well as authored curriculum and assessment materials of the highest quality with attention to specifications.

Jennifer earned her M.Ed in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of San Diego School of Leadership and Educational Sciences (SOLES). In addition to her work with EEC, she supervises emerging teachers who are studying at University of San Diego and is facilitating the professional development for a Department of Education funded STEAM grant in the San Diego Unified School District. Her research interests focus on instructional reform, professional development, educational technology and inquiry-based instructional strategies. Outside of her busy professional life, she is a dedicated community volunteer and leader, having served as the President of the Junior League of San Diego and as a member of Las Patronas.




Thomas, husband of Founder, Traci Sullivan, is a multi-talented visual artist. Working primarily in graphic design, he has worked professionally for record labels, bands, fashion giants, small start-ups and giant corporations alike. Thomas is an art director and senior designer at National Forest, a creative consultancy in Los Angeles, California.





Jenny is a daughter, sister, and fiancé of Founder, Scott Siegel. Jenny is from the Boston area and moved to California six years ago to pursue her career in acting. Jenny and Scott have been partners for three years and she joined the Awareness in a Box® team in late 2011 and is a significant contributor to the training experience.

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